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Bryan, are you referring to the x and y drivers? When I set them up in the begginning they were taking on 24v. This is my setup and yes I have looked into the fact that there is 0-12v out of fan control on ramps and I dont believe that me moving my current laser pwm control to fan location will work. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-84-8KpcR0vY/U-UAoggAaII/AAAAAAAAEp4/aYj0-6NZ8HY/s1600/CO2LaserRampsHookup.jpg and http://3dprintzothar.blogspot.com/2014/08/40-watt-chinese-co2-laser-upgrade-with.html.

Last test I ran using piclaser demo here is the code it spit out. the laser comes on completes a very small sqaure, tiny, then stays on while continuing to fire at the given intensities being fed into controller, but will not move correctly. I can see movement after the little square, but only if I watch the teeth on the timing belt of x axis, in which x is moving .01 up to .04 and then back down then repeats??? All I want is to take an image to gcode and print why is this so hard? After looking at this software I dont think it will work for my set up either and they guys over at pic laser have all but given up on me haha.

( File: 20130401_162956 Resized Dithered.bmp )
( 01-31-2016 at 21:37:07 )
( PicLaser v. 2.1.1)
( J-Tech 3D )
( FeedRate = 3000 )
( Pixel Resolution = 0.0100 )
( Max. Laser Value 75.0000 )
( Min. Laser Value 15.0000 )
( Engraving Angle = Horizontal )
G01 F3000
G01 M05 S0
G01 X0.00 Y0.00
G01 X0 Y0
M03 S69.5882
G01 X0.01 Y0
M03 S65.8235
G01 X0.02 Y0
M03 S63.4706
G01 X0.03 Y0
M03 S65.8235
G01 X0.04 Y0
M03 S66.0588
G01 X0.05 Y0
M03 S66.5294
G01 X0.06 Y0
M03 S68.4118
G01 X0.07 Y0
M03 S66.7647
G01 X0.08 Y0
M03 S65.5882
G01 X0.09 Y0
M03 S62.2941
G01 X0.1 Y0
M03 S67
G01 X0.11 Y0
M03 S64.6471
G01 X0.12 Y0
M03 S64.4118
G01 X0.13 Y0
M03 S63.9412
G01 X0.14 Y0
M03 S68.1765
G01 X0.15 Y0
M03 S63.9412
G01 X0.16 Y0
M03 S66.5294
G01 X0.17 Y0
M03 S67
G01 X0.18 Y0
M03 S67.2353
G01 X0.19 Y0
M03 S67.9412
G01 X0.2 Y0
M03 S67
G01 X0.21 Y0
M03 S62.5294
G01 X0.22 Y0
M03 S66.7647
G01 X0.23 Y0
M03 S66.5294
G01 X0.24 Y0
M03 S65.8235
G01 X0.25 Y0
M03 S66.5294
G01 X0.26 Y0
M03 S69.5882
G01 X0.27 Y0
M03 S65.5882
G01 X0.28 Y0
M03 S66.2941
G01 X0.29 Y0
M03 S67.7059
G01 X0.3 Y0
M03 S65.8235
G01 X0.31 Y0
M03 S65.5882
G01 X0.32 Y0
M03 S66.2941
G01 X0.33 Y0