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@Curt You create one or more tools for the laser and use them when setting up the cut. Attached is a tool list with some different laser tools. They’re all the same laser, of course, just different speeds, depth of cut, and stepover for different materials and purposes. I don’t think I had to do anything else to indicate that the tool is a laser. I think it might stick in the laser commands (M106 S255 and M107 for the JTP) in all gcode it generates.

I’m going to be cutting some acrylic soon. Maybe I’ll compare cutting with estlcam vs cutting with laseretch (which has a cutting function). Actually, if you’re going to cut that dice tower and have the graphics etched on it, LaserEtch would be the easier to use, but it’s not free. Not too hard with estlcam either, I guess. Just give less depth of cut and maybe faster speed for the graphics part.

I look forward to how it comes out and hearing any tips you might pick up from the endeavor.