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Ok got this to work seemingly ok so far, still a bit to hot in intensity of laser. Is there are way to set origin in the program? or set x,y home all? In the one image I saw that it could be selected from a dot matrix in program, but cant find the modified version to install. Here is test code I generated and ran for a few mins again I have to play with intensity.

( File: 20130401_162956 Resized Dithered.bmp )
( 01-31-2016 at 21:37:07 )
( PicLaser v. 2.1.1)
( J-Tech 3D )
( FeedRate = 3000 )
( Pixel Resolution = 0.0100 )
( Max. Laser Value 75.0000 )
( Min. Laser Value 15.0000 )
( Engraving Angle = Horizontal )
G01 F3000
G01 M05 S0
G01 X0.00 Y0.00
G01 X0 Y0
M03 S69.5882
G01 X0.01 Y0
M03 S65.8235
G01 X0.02 Y0
M03 S63.4706
G01 X0.03 Y0
M03 S65.8235
G01 X0.04 Y0
M03 S66.0588
G01 X0.05 Y0
M03 S66.5294
G01 X0.06 Y0
M03 S68.4118
G01 X0.07 Y0
M03 S66.7647
G01 X0.08 Y0
M03 S65.5882
G01 X0.09 Y0
M03 S62.2941
G01 X0.1 Y0
M03 S67
G01 X0.11 Y0
M03 S64.6471
G01 X0.12 Y0
M03 S64.4118
G01 X0.13 Y0
M03 S63.9412
G01 X0.14 Y0
M03 S68.1765
G01 X0.15 Y0
M03 S63.9412
G01 X0.16 Y0
M03 S66.5294
G01 X0.17 Y0
M03 S67
G01 X0.18 Y0
M03 S67.2353
G01 X0.19 Y0
M03 S67.9412
G01 X0.2 Y0
M03 S67
G01 X0.21 Y0
M03 S62.5294
G01 X0.22 Y0
M03 S66.7647
G01 X0.23 Y0
M03 S66.5294
G01 X0.24 Y0
M03 S65.8235
G01 X0.25 Y0
M03 S66.5294
G01 X0.26 Y0
M03 S69.5882
G01 X0.27 Y0
M03 S65.5882
G01 X0.28 Y0
M03 S66.2941
G01 X0.29 Y0
M03 S67.7059
G01 X0.3 Y0
M03 S65.8235
G01 X0.31 Y0
M03 S65.5882
G01 X0.32 Y0
M03 S66.2941
G01 X0.33 Y0