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ooops I, my bad. I did not mean to post the piclaser gcode, the message was intended to correlate with the image of code generated with image2gcode. Certainly I will share video and pics, but must warn that I am not great at all this as seen in my previous posts. The building/modification made to the laser was the easy part for me, I did not run into issues until hitting the wall of vector graphic design and all work having to be in code to print on laser. Primarily, I am all about the RC Hobby stuff and that led me to this insane side hobby lol. Now I have plans to get a top of line 3d printer within a couple weeks to complicate things even further. I saw that the origin could be set but did not know how to open that file attached to that post. Is there a version that has all mods up to date? I was able to obviously unzip the others and then saw the executable files, however the .rar file which carries the origin mod it says it cant be opened, wanting me to search other applications to run it?

Ok off to run one of these images I just generated code for in image2gcode and I will be back with pics with video as well. I did provide a link to a build which I modeled mine off of. Again you have to understand, I have been at this like an insane crazy person for months with very little success with what I wanted to get out of this whole process. Again, I did not take into account the massive amount of design and code that goes into all this.

Sorry again for all the ranting and whining lol, just been near impossible especially with a wife who I promised that this would all be operational before Christmas for a couple gifts lol. So yea unhappy wife leads to miserable life lol jk.

(Generated by 3dpBurner Image2Gcode v0.1)
(@Feb/01/2016 23:19:52)
M05 S

G0 X0 Y0
(Header end)



G0 X0 Y75.06

G1 X0 Y74.88

M03 S25

G1 X0.18

G1 X0.36

G1 X0.54

G1 X0.72

G1 X0.9

G1 X1.08

M03 S24

G1 X1.26

G1 X1.44

M03 S25

G1 X1.62

G1 X1.8

M03 S24

G1 X1.98

G1 X2.16

G1 X2.34

G1 X2.52

G1 X2.7

G1 X2.88

G1 X3.06

M03 S25

G1 X3.24

M03 S26

G1 X3.42

G1 X3.6

M03 S25