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@Andrew Are you asking if there is a way to isolate images in a photograph, so you can print only the part of the image you want? If so, you need a program used for manipulating photographs (inkscape is for manipulating vector drawings). A good free one is called the Gimp. Like inkscape, it is powerful and has a steep learning curve, but it will do what you want. You could probably find simpler software out there is cutting out part of a picture is all you want to do. For simple stuff, you could try Paint.Net.

I’m not sure what you mean by “dither 2-4 more times to allow more spacing”. If you mean resize the image, the Gimp will do that too. The main thing is if you’re looking to manipulate a photograph or bitmap, you need software made for that, like the Gimp or Paint.Net.

You have mentioned several times now that you’re not getting much response from folks here. You should recognize that you are on a forum dedicated specifically to the Mostly Printed CNC, which we have all built. You’ve also hijacked a thread discussing the latest modifications to image2gcode for the MPCNC to ask about how to use the software on your K40 laser cutter and also how to solve some other issues you have with it.

Luckily for you, there are a few of us here who use lasers on our MPCNC, or have some level of experience and expertise with software or CNC machines in general, and are willing to help out. But most of the people on this forum are here to discuss the Mostly Printed CNC, which is why you don’t always get a lot of response.

That said, there ARE two or three people here interested enough to respond if we can, so feel free to ask questions, but you might need to be patient.