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@Bryan- Thanks a ton for all work and assistance, you’ve done more for me in only a few post than others have done over months of posts and that was within the community in which I based my build off of. This industry is ever changing and is hard to keep up especially when one just jumps into something which he completely overestimated the task at hand lol. I am sorry to all in this forum for any misreadings, headaches, or confusions, it is very hard to explain what I need help with when I dont understand how to describe it, what to call it, or what rules to follow in regards to cnc. I still dont know what MPCNC stands for, but Bryan has answered all my questions as needed. I will anxiously await your next update.

My next mod will be the adjustable lens focus, which allows lens to simple adjust up and down manually, rather than building an acutal z-table which is automated.

I will post video to youtube, just wast to keen on letting the world see my mistakes just yet lol, also have you read some of the criticisms for those who get it wrong or worse dont know what their talking about? lol. The video I posted initially had not been made visible, I changed the settings of the link to allow all to view so I am not certain why it did not work. Were you able to see the pics posted at this link https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5YapASZj2L1OGNyYVYtQ1JfN2M&usp=drive_web (contains all pics as well as video in last file and a finished image created last night pwer min10 max 35 dithered which shows the catch in laser movement)

YouTube video, never done this before so be gentle lol, very slow narration. https://youtu.be/NWSFu6H28h0

@karltinslly, thank you for all the advice. I did see and download gimp which is very much like inkscape but hopefully without all the flaws. I have had nothing but issues with inkscape, i wish my controller would work with corel draw directly instead of having to convert dxf to svg to code for laser. Also patience isnt my strong suit but will try to do better 😉

@Leo, Sorry about the head ache. Is there a way to delete some of my posts? I would hate to think I blogged all over this making it more hurtful than helpful. The above link should house all files I needed and wanted you all to view for advice, criticism, and help.