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If you look at the images and videos posted on https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5YapASZj2L1OGNyYVYtQ1JfN2M you would see a photo I completed after making that video. After I figured out how to set origin with Bryan’s setup (opposite corner which flips Y start position) it was a breeze. Yes I have to keep my feed-rates very high due to power generated via laser and yes I have done many tests to both focus as well as find lasers sweet spot. I have a good feel for what output power is to be per job and per material. With image2gcode program I cannot use normal 0-255 settings since mine goes 0 to 100% and the only readout I can follow is the ma gauge (not very accurate and very simple). As far as testing by writing code for simple lines to test feed/power, the answer is no. I have had so much trouble with the code side of this as well as graphics, images, shapes, lines, and text. So I don’t know how to write the code for this and the plugins used in inkskape dont always work correctly which makes a simple task difficult to complete and takes a lot of time.

I do need to clean up the firmware on the uno/ramps board, it says warning running at low memory. Do you know what can be deleted within the marlin code to free up memory? In other words I have options to comment, uncomment, and of course delete lines of code that does not pertain to the laser, unfortunately I dont know if deleting the unused info will or will not effect the functionality of the firmware. Especially since the working laser firmware was written with in the working 3dprinting code, kinda like a hack or merger of the two, again all very difficult to understand for a person who doesnt know code or how it works. Wish I did but I don’t lol.

So if you are willing to perhaps provide me with some simple lines of code that end in .g that I could feed into my laser then that is awesome, otherwise I will attempt it in another way as I get time. I had considered switching to a mach3 controller or grbl v5 but not sure I want to if what I have works? As far as the extinguisher goes, I had one in the kitchen under sink just in case, but that has been moved now to my mad science cave lol, maybe I need to get a couple more eh?

Thanks again for all the guidance

Back to the cave….