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Further clarification on ESTLCAM firmware versus GRBL firmware…

I’m using the ESTLCAM firmware running on the Protoneer “GRBL compatible” CNC shield. I actually have no idea what firmware ESTLCAM loads onto the UNO! That’s the beauty of this approach. The firmware is invisible. It might be GRBL, GRBL derived, or totally ESTLCAM proprietary. You can’t see it, and don’t need to modify it, so who cares?

The other issue is telling ESTLCAM firmware what pin-outs to assume on the UNO/shield. I started with “Arduino PIN layout” set to “GRBL safe” and then moved to “GRBL” as I convinced myself that I wasn’t going to fry any UNO or shield chips. There is also a “GRBL PWM” and “Estlcam” pin-out setting that I have yet to explore. Maybe the ESTLCAM author can help us with this topic?