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I am not sure why piclaser would not work for me and as I told bryan in an earlier post, I spent tons of time with jeff at piclaser trying to figure it out. It did ultimately come down to the way my current firmware was forked in the marlin code. I am not sure why image2gcode works but I am not complaining. I have been at this for almost half a year with not producing a single item via laser lol. Alot of that has to do with my lack of understanding in all this stuff. I am so very grateful for the time you all have given me already and I wouldnt dream of pushing you to fix my problems. I respect this community and wish I could delete a few of my posts since I blogged all over yours not realizing that each post had its own reply button. Right now I am very happy where I am with the laser and this software here, while I still intend to learn/educate myself in inkscape.

Thank you again for all the help and sorry for all the headache. Before I go, could you tell me what MPCNC is? I am getting ready in the next few days to purchases a very nice 3dprinter and will need a community for that, is this the right place for support? Also if I ever get around to it I would like to add a rotary attachment to one or the other machines I will have to run code like I do with laser, is this the place I can find support for this? I want to do it all which will take some doing and a whole lot of learning, however if I am in the wrong place I do need to know this, dont like wasting others time.

Take care and thank you again for all the help, dont worry with the firmware look-over I will figure it out sooner or later, I just got a excited when you offered or wanted to look into it lol. Right now I am happy that I have finally got something that works with my setup and will check back in from time to time for updates.