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Wow, guys it is weekend here and I did not really expect a response so soon, let alone another version to test πŸ™‚
Here you are already beating Picengraves support LOL

β€œDue to my setup I have to flip every image – that is no issue, but the placement often is.”
-Can you just flip your stepper plug around?

β€œIt would be great to allow for an offset for the start of the engraving so you can engrave in the center of something bigger like a name plate.
Is it possible to add a box for a X and Y value offset from the origin?”
-I’m not sure I entirely understand what you’re saying. Can you not use the origin setting and pick the middle?

I was thinking of just flipping the stepper and to change the config but there is more to it.
The K40 machines have the origin and homing position in the top right corner, same for the limit switches.
One day I might re-build the machine and do to it to CNC specs with the movements and axis orientation.

Either I missed the origin setting somehow or fail to use it.
No matter what I do the image is always placed right in the origin position – but will try that again with new program version.
Maybe an example is better:
You have a plate of 20x20cm but want to place a 5x5cm engraving right in the center of the plate.
I might be able to mess around a bit with the origin setting but I see no way to be able to place the plate and get the engraving centered on it.
Worse with bigger parts of course.

Will get back in a bit after testing V6 πŸ™‚

The start of the box is still messed up with the coordinates:

; Move to top left corner and begin box
G92 X0 Y8607064

Otherwise the code looks nice and clean now.
I can offest the engraving with M92 command after setting the laser to the referenced image coordinates.
For eaxmple a thicker piece of wood in the center of the table gets G01 X95 y85 followed by G92 X0 Y0 Z0.
So I first move the laser to the right position for the image, then set this position as the home reference.
Would be great to include this into the program instead of the
“; Move to top left corner and begin box
G92 X0 Y8607064”
This way the user can set the origin and no need to fix the decimal problem πŸ˜‰

The test engraving on 3mm ply ended badly as in some areas the laser burned through the first layer, currently trying again on a piece of hardwood.
Only doing it in 0.2mm resolution this time to save some time.
If it works out ok I will try the other side with 0.1mm and pulsed laser operation.
So at least one image should be uploaded soon πŸ˜‰