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things like this I actually do in a two step process:
First a slight vector cut of the outlines, then just a normal raster engraving for the infill.
Everything else I tried so far either ended in bad burn marks on the outlines or fine details missing.
Considering the speed of the vector tracing the extra time on the machine can be neglected.
You can see some example of this way here.
Which should also show that I am not Andrew, just too lazy to leave my normal Nick here so people follow me around.
Quite like it to be “the new guy” for once 😉

But I agree, if intergrated into your program it would give even more options and makes the use of other tools and programs almost a thing of the past.
One thing that would be a really nice addition though is a g-code sender from within the program.
Of course for spiled people like myself it would be great with a preview of the object in question on a plate with the size of the cutting area.
Since it is free to, maybe it is possible to “salvage” some code from Pronterface/Printrun?
Sending these massive amounts of code is a challenge in terms of right timing, checksums and so on, so somthing optimised for the few code bits we use here could improve stability during long engravings.

And since I now outed myself here, would you mind if I include your program and a link to here with my laser related Instructables?
I don’t see it as advertising if something good can get more attention especially not if it is so well supported freeware.

Took the liberty to start some advertising here, feel free to leave a comment if you like.