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Ok, half way through the second attempt of doing it right I gues I found out why it was so bad in the prvious runs 🙁
Despite everything Marlin does not react at all to the decimal digits, only the stuff in front of the dot is recognised and used.
With the power levels now just at 6 and 8 it becomes quite obvious as there is only 3 shades of grey now and all detail lost.
Seems I now have to figure out a way to change the PWM handlin in Marlin from the default 0-255 to 0-1000 or better 10000 somehow.
Tried this already a few weeks ago and utterly failed as I was greeted with compiling errors LOL

Here is the last engraving, which was totally overburned.
Done on hardwood (has too much resin in it too) with the power levels between 6 and 16.
Before cleaning:
On hardwood before cleaning
After cleaning:
On hardwood after cleaning

As you can see there are also pinholes burnt into the wood, this happens almost every time the power changes or the head stops.
Seems to be a problem in the Marlin firmware too or at least related to the slow processing of all the code.
Bit longer and the other engaving is done for comparison.

And here we go:
Power between 6 and 8
As you can see there are no 256 shades of grey, just next to nothing for withe and three more – everything from 6 to 8 in solid numbers only 🙁
Guess I am back to the drawing board for now.