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Is there anyway I could persuade you to delete many of my posts in this thread? I blogged all over it not realizing I could reply to specific threads, meaning i overlooked the reply to the right of message. Dont want to ruin my chances of help in this forum or look like an idiot in posting like a crazy person.

Leo and Bryan
I absolutely love this software, however I have had much better luck with the previous version 4. Once I figured out how to offset the power levels and how to overcome the missed steps in y axis movement. In version 4 I use 10-12% wood at 5000 feed, which uses 0-28 or 30 depending on 10 or 12% in wood setting, but still amazing results on the few pieces I’ve ran. In version 4 the only changes I would have liked due to the power of my laser is the ability to use faster feed settings, for example if I set it at 7000 it still only moves very slowly at a predetermined feed rate, but one I would see more common with a feed of 1500. The feature I miss most when in image2gcode is being able to crop the image, but I dont mind editing image else where then open in image2gcode.

I have tested the newest version 6 and at 35% under wood setting that puts max power of my laser at its max of 89. My laser goes from 0-100, but again I have found a way around everything by using lower settings. The only downside is the lack of intensity in any given in image, meaning most in here have 0-255 while I have 0-30. I will upload a few of the images generated via image2gcode but they will be completed with version 4. Oh I did notice when playing with version 6 that it would not allow for dither at all, I would click it but then it would revert back to greyscale?

Sorry again for blogging all over the place and freaking out due to my lack of understanding in all this stuff. I got in way over my head and damn near drowned until finding this forum and also help from a friend.