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Ok, looking very good so far 🙂
The first try with the changed firmware seems to overburn in the dark areas but that will be addressed with lower power levels for the next run.
For the first time ever I can control the laser power with around 13byte accuracy, yes had to adjust the available power levels from 0 to 10.000 in order to get the control range required for these insane power levels.

But there is still some flaw in the gode generated by the V1.0, please have a look:
(Generated by 3dpBurner Image2Gcode v1.0)
(@Feb.26.2016 22:24:37)
G0 Y7377483; Move to top left corner and begin box
G92 X0 Y7377483
M03 S5
G0 X60
G0 Y0
G0 X0
G0 X0 Y73.8
M03 S0
G1 X0 G1 Y73.7
M03 S508
G1 X0.1
G1 X0.2

The move to begin the box is still messed up and calculated wrong.
“G0 X0
G0 X0 Y73.8
This first G0 and the G1 command seem a bit useless to me.

Apart from being burnt deep in the dark areas the engraving so far has a never seen level of detail.
Will see to get the power parameters optimized so I can do a proper engraving on 3mm plywood.
The speed is still painfully slow, so the next step will be to search the code for a way to optimise the command buffering for both the serial and the Gcode commands.
This involves messing with the look ahead buffer memory allocations and possibly more, so proper testing will be required.
I just love Image2Gcode 🙂
So I have to ask again: do you guys mind if I promote it a bit more?