Reply To: Stepper failure?

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I took an APC UPS (bigger than the small ones at your desk, smaller than a rackmount one that weighs a couple hundred pounds) out to the garage and hooked all the electronics up to it. Then I replaced the stepper, adjusted the current to 1.5A, then tried to have it do a job again. It started out ok, then suddenly veered off from where it was suppose to be. Then the stepper appeared to be fried again afterward. I got my multimeter again, and started checking continuity (again), only this time the wiring kit Y axis cable failed on one end. It’s got continuity from one end to the middle, but not to the other end. I took a closer look at the cable and saw the black cable that was failing the continuity test is loose in the middle, coming out of the plug a bit even. I’ll attach an image (you can see silver coming out of the connector). I’m going to need a new cable it seems – I’m thinking for future projects like adding a laser I should probably just go ahead and buy a Dupont crimper, and headers – that way I can just fix things like this right on the spot too rather than needing to buy a whole new cable.

Hopefully that’s my only problem and it was what was knocking the stepper drivers out.