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I’m printing a test cube now (printed one before the switch to pla and i was getting pretty spot on, i think biggest varience i measured was .1 mm difference in total height of a 20mm cube while all walls were within .02mm accuracy). Any particular points on the models i should watch for? I have a nice set of digital calipers i can take a measurement on.

as for the router I was planning on going with the dewalt but im at a loss for what end mills to pick up to start out. Im planning on mainly working on wood to start but want to definatly get some work in on acrylic both cutting and engraving. At the moment I have a dremel with flex bit and about 1000 various bits to work with so I will probably start with that till i get the system up and functioning and then upgrade the mount and setup to the dewalt for higher power cutting later on.

One thing I have been thinking about doing however is rigging up a key lockout system so my kids cant get into it, should be pretty easy just gotta google down a good switch to work with.