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Test fit all the parts before final assembly. Make sure the conduits fit snug, but not over tight. Test all the bolt and screw holes and drill them out so the bolts/screw slide in easily. Assemble everything without tightening any of the bolts, you will need to square everything up when it is all together, so don’t risk cracking anything before final assembly. You will find that you do not need to tighten the bolts much, just snug them up. The same goes for all the bearings, put them on loose until everything is together and squared up. Then tighten them only as much as needed.

I found a difference in the brand of filaments I used. Some filaments need more work than others. I found a kit of hobby files handy for small spaces, larger half round files for touching up things like in the picture above. I used sandpaper wrapped on a tube that was slightly smaller OD than the conduit handy. An exacto knife worked well for enlarging things like nut traps. And a drill and bits for some of the holes.

I also suggest exploring this web site and forums, you will find a lot of good information here. I tried to document all the little challenges and tips I found during my build. You can find it here:


Good luck with your build!


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