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All good man and sorry for the bother. I am not sure where I would check to see a response to pm lol so I must have missed it. I can understand the vector aspect being a huge add and like you I use inkscape, although I am not very good at it yet lol. In fact I just got raster capabilities to work after six months of coding issues with my firmware on laser as well as software used for inskape exporter plugin. I ended up having to do cmd install on both then had to modify my firmware to accept raster code from plugin all which I know nothing about lol.

About the horizontal and diagonal cutting, I have not taken exact measurements however the difference are seen in the items I produced. The horizontal items when set beside diagonal seem shorter/wider while diagonal cuts more inline with set sizes in image2gcode. When printing or cutting in either horizontal or diagonal I thought the image would be the same? Regardless the end result with diagonal cut/print seem more in line with measurements in code. Tried to attach two images but they are to big, I will do some measurements when I get time. I just need to get busy and pull the gantry apart again to replace the slide bearings for y axis then I can print horizontal again without catching. Can you suggest a good cnc machine to start with that could also be used for 3d printing?