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I used the optimized raster later on when realising that it not only affects the white areas of the image.
So that problem was solved with some logic that I should have applied sooner 😉
Anyways, I modified the source code a bit so it is directly suited for the Turnkey Tyranny firmware.
All unwanted code was removed like the box around the engraving.
By the way the weird coordinates with no decimal seperator seem to be related to the locale settings.
No matter what I tried I either got a comma or nothing at all to seperate.
As I don’t really need that move I commented it out as well.
So all I need to change is the G92 offset in the header to get what I want and where I want it.

Found a workaround for totally black areas not being engraved as well:
Within Image2Gcode increase the brightness by 10% and reduce the contrast by 10% – now all shades will be interpolated correctly.
So far I was unable to locate the source of the problem but the workaround works 😉

Here is the top of a Gcode file with these changes:

;(Generated by 3dpBurner Image2Gcode v1.0)
;(@Mrz.13.2016 20:37:00)

G92 X-135 Y-50


G1 F6000

M03 S0
G1 X0 S0
G1 Y49.92
G1 X0.12 S896
G1 X0.24 S890
G1 X0.48 S888
G1 X0.6 S886
G1 X0.72 S889
G1 X0.84 S895
G1 X0.96 S899
G1 X1.08 S904
G1 X1.2 S907

If anyone with a CO2 Laser wants to try it, there is a temp version of the program uploaded here.
Still trying some changes but if anyone needs the source files then I will upload them as well.