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The most important part is to make the part, whatever it is, between the two conduits 1 piece. It holds the critical dimension. I made tons of new corner blocks over the last year trying to improve upon mine. I am pretty happy with the new one, not perfect but better than the current design. The other thing is, the corner has very little stress on it in any direction, it is always divided by 4. There should be next to zero force pushing the emt in or out of the hole so giant clamps aren’t needed, gravity is working in the z negative direction/4, then z positive is resistance against the tool and the material contact/4 (should also be small with a sharp tool. To me the important part is the connection between the emt center piece and the leg. The leg and foot is taking all the horizontal forces, The highest I think, also divided by 4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w8aheb61yybqp4f/corner5.avi?dl=0