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Thanks for all the suggestions. I have made some decent progress so far. I’ve built the table and outer frame and am currently printing the middle z pieces and feet when those are done. My biggest question so far is how people are checking for the frame being square. Its been a long time since I have done any serious wood work or measuring for such craziness. I have a speed square (the triangle shaped ones) and large T square but I am betting those are going to be a pain to check it with due to the corner blocks. What kind of tool are you all using?

These models are also putting my printer through its paces. Had two solderless mounts that failed to print because my belts slipped a bit. Had to open the machine up and tighten down the belts but everything seems to be doing ok now. A few of my bolt holes are a little tight clearance wise but a few seconds with a file cleans them up fine.

I’ll post some pics soon of the build progress.