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It’s too early for this kind of thing. I can’t pretend to be super knowledgeable about this. The equation I always put up is the quick and dirty to explain more about working from watts than the Amps in the stepper datatsheets. Once a week I get asked how to hook up more drivers because theses can’t handle the steppes people want to buy, we both know this isn’t true. We can pretty easily run 4 of our large 17’s.

There is another equation further down the data sheet more for micro stepping I believe.

I do set the drivers before I ship the boards and I do intentionally set them low. at .7v they are fine by themselves above that and you start needing active cooling so you don’t get thermal shutdown. With the drivers and steppers I am currently shipping (and active cooling) you can set the pot to about 1.1V before you start getting the steppers to warm for PLA mounts. I also noticed you don’t get a very noticeable power difference above .7v. I tend to not run things at there max, for longevity.