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That does all make sense C, thanks. Any idea why what I was measuring was lower than that? Is there something I’m doing wrong when measuring the current?

I think you need to tell people that the max current is set by Vrefx2, and that the drivers for X, Y are powering two motors, so the current to each motor is halved. Then you also need to tell them some rule of thumb, like setting the value to 50% of the max, and not more than 1V.

Setting the Vref to 0.75V for X, Y and the stock parts is 1.5A for two motors, or 50% of the max. Setting it to 0.5V for the Z motor is setting it to 2/3 of the max. So I think you’ve got a ballpark number. Free advice always comes with a YMMV, and I think that’s as close as you can get.