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    I printed the imperial parts to match the conduit available here in the US, but I find imperial bolt sizes to be confusing. Can I use metric stuff on the imperial part set? I have converted a lot of the sizes of bolts to metric and they are virtually the same. For instance, 5/16 inch is 7.9375 mm. Pretty damn close.

    I think it is really the standard to do all engineering with metric. I think this project could have saved itself a lot of effort by going metric from the start.

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    Metric bolts are hard to find in the US.

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    I used those sizes intentionally because they convert well and didn’t have to make multiple versions just to change bolt holes. M8 and M3.5 fit very well. I know M3.5 isn’t the most common metric size but if my local US hardware store has them I assume you can get them everywhere. This is used world wide and I want to make it as easy as it can be. I actually do all my designing in metric, but metric hardware around here is at least triple the price of imperial.

    So when I made/released this I didn’t know it would be so well received. It was just a weekend project for me. Redesigns are being made to better accommodate the rest of the world, not just myself.

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