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    In my country there is no dewalt dw660. Can I use dremel (rotary tool kit) instead of dw660? What could be minimum requirements for rotary tool kit?

    In part list there is an alternative, which is air cooled cnc spindle. But it is quite expensive and I can not find cheaper.

    I hope some one has experience.

    Best Regards

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    It depends On what you are trying to carve/mill with your tool. To give an idea of what kind of power the dewalt is it is 600W.

    The whole thing started with a foredom style knock off, that was 350W if I remember correctly. So I would try and get above that, then pay attention to run out and collet size.

    There is not a one size fits all. If you are just carving foam -a cheap rotary tool is plenty, milling aluminum -500W+.

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    What Alternative 230V (240V) spindle have Australia Used?

    Right now I looking to do so wood work (for that I will use my Dremel), but in the future I am looking to do some lite aluminium in the future – What Australian Available spindle/motor/router are people using?

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    I bought this combination.. (Rocky 30 router)

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    If I go to tougher materials I am going to get a Kress on 230 volts.
    Easy to get them in Europe but I don’t know if you can get them in Australia.


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    I’m in New Zealand so my options are limited also. I was pretty much going to get the Ozito 850W Router from Bunnings NZ


    or for you over the ditch


    NZ$95, variable speed, lock-on power switch and 3 year warranty so a better deal than the Chinese spindles I think.

    I was waiting to do a few drawing tests on my MPCNC before buying another router – I already have a 1200W Ryobi but it is far too big for the MPCNC.


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    I am looking at the Chinese spindles now.

    There is this one from Aliexpress, which is very cheap, 500w, free delivery, and claims runout of 0.01-0.03mm.

    There is a reference voltage input on the PSU so speed control can be hooked up to the controller board very simply.

    The maximum RPM (15k) is only half that of the Dewalt. What kind of RPM range is ideal for the MPCNC?

    Edit: While I’m here, questions about speed control/torque.

    With the speed reduction function on these, does the torque go down with the speed? How does it compare to speed control on the Dewalt?

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    Looks like the Katsu is a decent option, mentioned before on this forum, still available on eBay UK for £37 delivered.

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