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    Okay, so I got my Wanhao Duplicator I3 V2 and performed lots of mods to it and it’s printing nicely now.

    So I am ready to start printing parts for this MPCNC — I’m very excited about this!

    Just created this thread to host my questions about the MPCNC.

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    From the bundle kit that is sold:
    “Ramps 1.4 (Arduino mega, 3 drv8825 drivers , shield), flashed with firmware.”

    This is nice that the microcontroller is Arduino, because I have several versions of Arduino here and I am a software developer with strong knowledge of C code. I’ve made lots of little Arduino electronic projects — such as a 40 knob midi controller for TR-808 and 606 plugins.

    Anyways, I see “..flashed with firmware”. Is this C code firmware flashed into the Arduino Mega or another sub controller that the Arduino talks to?

    Is the C source code for this firmware provided with the kit? Is there a place you host all the source code for this project?

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    It is the firmware that is flashed to the arduino mega, if you buy a kit from here it will come pre flashed, if you already have a mega or buy it separately you can download the firmware from the site.
    Honestly if you don’t have all the electronics, motors and hardware I would buy it from here, I bought all of mine separately and I ended up pretty close to the same price with shipping.

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    Yes it is the firmware that is flashed to the Arduino. According to the blog post on 14Dec2015 by vicious1 (http://www.vicious1.com/marlin-firmware/) he is using the standard Marlin firmware that most DIY 3D printers and CNC machines use. Since not everyone has an Arduino, he pre-loads the marlin firmware on the ones he sells, since you probably wouldn’t buy one from him unless you intend to build a MPCNC. Of course, since you already have several, just flash marlin to any of your compatible arduinos and you will be set as far as that goes, however, you will still need a RAMPS board (or equivalent) to attach to the arduino. The RAMPS simply takes the signals from the arduino and passes them through the stepper motor drivers (essentially translating micro-controller signals into higher current and higher voltage control signals for the stepper motors).

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