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    So, when attempting to draw with a pen I would manually control the machine in Repetier to determine the starting place. However, upon hitting print the machine would raise an inch or two in the Z direction and attempt to draw the design in the air. BUT if I follow the same steps and hit “Emergency Stop” while setting the pen depth, It prints perfectly. Is there something happening to the G code when I hit that emergency stop? Is this just something you always do before drawing/printing? An explanation as to what the difference is would be great, thanks! By the way the machine was purchased off of this website.

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    You need to move to where you want it to start then hit emergency stop or disconnect and connect to set that position as your 0 otherwise wherever the machine is when you start repetier is your 0. I had issues with this too because I am used to the 3d printer which has end stops and homes itself at the start of every print.

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    That’s because Repetier remembers. So before starting a job, it moves to the position it was before you use the manual control buttons.

    Send a G92 X0 Y0 Z0 before you hit start and all good.

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