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    Okay after last weekends test move (with no magic smoke leaking), I had today to play around with getting:

    – Raspberry Pi – OctoPi built and configured.
    – Installed estlcam to trial (but looks like I will buy it)
    – Followed tutorial for crown plot
    – tested RAMPS and yes my steps/per were wrong. fixed and re-flashed firmware.
    – tested and calibration is now fine (when I dial it to move 20cm, it now moves 20cm in any direction).
    – Ran the crown gcode from OctoPi and webcam and produced this time lapse.

    Total time was 2 minutes. Octopi time lapse was set to 25fps and taking 1 frame per sec.

    hmm. I think I will refer to my melbourne CNC as the Melbourne(F) version (as I used the 25mm version), unless there is another melbourne MPCNC that already is build and working using F size prints?

    next challenge is I think some Circuit cutting and/or maybe some g-code ripper to see how bad my bed is un-level.

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    Tough to tell with the video going so fast, but did it have some problems on that crown or was I working with a different image when I drew mine? seems like that curved box near the bottom should have square ends.

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    The surface the paper was on was :

    – Not quite level (hence the T top part of the crown)
    – There was some grit I missed under the paper
    – And as the pen was held on by rubber bands, at the lower part of the table, it dragged, thus the odd shape for something that should be a bent rectangle

    But as a first go of running some g-code on it for 2d (and well, tech 3d as it did raise/lower the pen) it went well.

    Really want to know if the marlin linked from the here -> home -> assembly ->.. marlin (I think it is RC7) supports G38.2 for surface probing (for gcode ripper/etc) and also what pin (Z min or max maybe) it is bound to.

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    Okay Tried to use the same GCODE for the crown with a router on a bit of scrap wood I clamped down.

    Technically a success. It moved with the fast spinning metal, which gouged out wood as it went along.

    yes. I know I need to redo gcode with something (a) better, (b) slower the feed rate and (c) not as much Z step.

    Edit: I know people will ask. Its a Ozito laminate Trimmer that I used for the router.

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