My Build (2' x 2') with 1" stainless steel

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    I’m currently working on a 1″(J) tubing mpcnc, and have it very close to done.

    Finished printing all of the parts last month and got the rest of the parts recently.
    Designed/printed a few tube plugs, to protect the wire from getting cut on the tube ends:

    I got my 1″ tubing from and it fits perfectly (went with 0.065 wall since it was cheaper than the .045)
    my build

    I printed mounts for pen, dremel, dewalt 660, and drag knife. and it appears to be drawing perfectly right now, checked the square and its exactly 90ยบ
    test drawing
    another test

    I have no clue on cutting speeds with the dremel/bit that I’ve got right now, but am getting close, had a bunch of mdf from a broken walmart bookshelf to play around on =D
    first dremel cuts
    Since I don’t have a base yet, the board wasn’t level for this cutting test.


    • Base: I don’t have my mpcnc screwed onto a base yet, this will happen probably in a week or so, it’s not really needed with me just using the pen/low vertical pressure usage, but obviously would be handy for anything else. I am planning on making the base fit ontop of my keter foldout workbench.
    • wire covering/management: wire’s are just everywhere right now…and it’s messy
    • zip ties on pen mount…will be cut tonight (something quick/easy to check off on my todo lol)
    • dewalt/drag knife: I don’t have either of these yet, but am looking forward to adding these soon
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