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    My problem/issue right now is building the table to put my MPCNC. (well other issue is spindle, but will post in separate section).

    I have completed the print of all the parts, assembled all the bearings/bolts and put it all together. (see attached).

    I have the 25mm (OD) tubing (from bunnings) (see attached) and all the feet/corner/etc fit.

    I have cut the Z length (not shown) and legs (see attached) using a 3D printed dremel cutting attachment. This actually worked great each leg come out 138mm exactly.

    My problem right now is I am trying to build the underneath of the table and I cant seem to get my 2×4 (well 45mm x 90mm) lengths square, so I can drill/put in the 125mm wood screws to join them in a quick/dirty but joint. I think plan to screw down a pre-cut sheet of MDF (16mm) as the first layer of my table.

    Any suggestions on how to keep them square as I drill/screw?


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    Pick yourself up one of these. Then clamp your pieces to it while you screw them together. Keeps the pieces of wood square and frees up your hands. Then just move it to the next joint. Your table doesn’t have to be dead square as long as it’s slightly bigger than your router. You can just attach one foot, then square up the rest of it.

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    the 3d printed cutting attachment looks awesome, do you have a link to it?

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    The Thing is the Rod saw, with Rotary Tool Flex dremel 225.

    I have attached some other shots of it as I used it.

    The holders for the tubes (25mm OD) I just whipped up in OpenSCAD.

    Here is the source for it if you want it as well.
    ——— Start ————
    $fn = 60;

    tube_r = (25.5) /2; //the .5 is slop
    thickness = 7.5;
    outer_r = tube_r + thickness;
    outer_length =10;

    top_gap = 2;

    bottom_from_base = 15;

    mounterY= outer_r*2;
    mounterX= 40;

    screw_hole_r = 3/2;
    counter_sink = 2.5;
    counter_sink_r = 6.2 /2;

    translate ([0,0,outer_r – thickness + bottom_from_base])
    rotate ([0,90,0])
    cylinder(d=outer_r*2, h=outer_length);

    cube([outer_length,outer_r*2,outer_r – thickness + bottom_from_base]);
    cube([mounterX, mounterY, mounterZ]);

    translate ([-outer_length/2,0,outer_r – thickness + bottom_from_base])
    rotate ([0,90,0])
    cylinder(d=tube_r*2, h=outer_length*2);

    translate([-outer_length/2,-top_gap/2,bottom_from_base + tube_r + thickness ])

    translate([((mounterX – outer_length )/2) + outer_length,0,-mounterZ + 0.01])
    cylinder(d=screw_hole_r*2, h=mounterZ * 2);
    translate([0,0,mounterZ +counter_sink ])
    cylinder(h= counter_sink, r2 = counter_sink_r, r1 = screw_hole_r);
    ——— end ————

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