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    So I am ordering my rails today but need some input. I am ordering the 1″ OD steel from SpeedyMetals

    They have both Steel and Stainless Steel tubing. The two options I am looking at are.

    1″ OD DOM Steel tube. .049 Wall

    1″ OD Stainless Steel tube .065 Wall

    I know most people have been going towards the stainless but the .049 Wall stainless is considerably more costly than the DOM .049. The Stainless .065 on the other hand is the same price and the DOM .049. So my big question is which is better, the stainless tubing at a sightly higher thickness and thus heavier or the DOM due to is lighter weight? I know the thicker/heavier is not always better when it comes to rigidity as this would also be increasing moving mass.

    I’m also not sure if the annealing process on the stainless steel has any impact. I know it creates a softer metal so it can be worked easier. The DOM metal is not annealed. I’m no mechanical engineer so I’m not sure of the differences in the mechanical properties of the 2 metals and their impact on our implementation in the CNC machine.

    Thanks in advance for any input.


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    Stainless steel usually has a much better finish, but I have not seen or used either of their materials. If you don’t want to pay for stainless, just use EMT. The other stuff might be very soft, or have a poor surface finish, could easily rust and cause issues on your surface, who knows.

    I did a quick and dirty flex test and based my recommendations off of that.

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    I can’t speak to the dom steel tubing other than to say for my application (in the basement) I’d be concerned about rust.

    I did go with the speedy metals 1″ 065 wall tubing. My machine is 24″x36″ usable (about 36″x48″ tubes), and the tubing is sort of ridiculously overspec.
    The finish is perfect and all bearings ride smoothly.
    I think I could stand on the rails (don’t trust the printed parts to hold me though), and if I ever expand the system, I’ll use more of this tube.
    The only concession was that the printed parts assume 049 wall tubing, so the nut traps that get inserted into the z-tubing needed some ‘adjustment’ to fit. Worked great and took all of 10 minutes to sand down.

    Oh, and the tubing is pretty tough… Like I had to use a grinder and files to get the ends smooth and deburred.

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    Awesome thanks for both of your feedbacks. My stainless is on its way!

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    What did you use to cut the tubing?

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    I used a holder for my angle grinder Klutch Angle Grinder Holder.
    It lets me cut pretty darn square and is a little faster than a hacksaw and miter box, which would also work fine.

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