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    Create this thread to share the repetier firmware that work with the MPCNC. The shared firmware is configured with 1/32 steppers, 20×4 lcd and Z M8 thread rods.

    To create a new repetier firmware with different configurations you need to:
    1. unzip the file
    2- go to the online repetier Configurator
    3- upload my configuration: click “Choose File” button and select the file “Configuration.h”
    4- use the wizard to modify any parameters, then in the last page (download page) download your new firmware.

    Normally it will be necessary to modify:
    -X length, Y length and Z length
    -Baud rate – I using 115200
    -Resolution of x and y motor: I using 1/32 steppers and pulley with 16 teeth. If you are using 1/16 then divide by 2.
    -Resolution of Z: 5120 for M8 thread rods
    -can be necessary to invert direction of the motor X or Y, all depends where is you Zero point.
    -modify endstops: I have max, min endstop for x and y.
    – activate “Support cnc mill (SUPPORT_CNC)” if you want the ramps control the rpm of the Spindle
    – select the Display Controller you have and the language you want

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    Nice, are you able to modify the accelerations and max feed rate as well? If so I have them listed on the Marlin page,

    That should help smooth out the kinks when getting it moving initially.

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