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    So I just bought Simplify3d and was wondering how to use it with Repetier. Do I slice it in S3D and then import the Binary or Ascii file to Repetier? Or can I ditch Repetier altogether?

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    Wow, I have owned simplify for a long time now and never thought to try and connect directly. I actually don’t know if you can, I’ll have to check in the morning. If it has control software built in than yes it will work, I’m just not sure it has control software.

    I know Repetier, pronterface, and matter control all work.

    Crazy to think I haven’t tried, I guess I always print from an SD…sorry, kind of blows my mind.

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    Yes, if you have Simplify3D, you don’t need Repetier.

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    Consider going Hog wild and take your image sliced with Simply3d and upload to your octopi driven raspberry pie. Plug to one of USB ports and use another for a camera for remote viewing from any where in the world. No fussing with SD cards or miniature LCD screens.

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    You can save the gcode file from simplify3d and send it to the machine with repetier. I do that on my 3d printer because I like the live view better on repetier. On the cnc I have just been going from sd.

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