Smaller MPCNC based on 1/2 EMT tubing

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    Thanks Vicious team. We now have 3 MPCNCs. Two are build in standard 3/4 inch EMT
    (one with an 18x18x10 inch build space and the other has an 18x18x18 inch build space).
    We are interested in the MPCNC is a general open G-code bot that one can bolt on a wide
    variety of end effectors.

    Our latest machine is built on 1/2 inch EMT. It has a 200x200x200 mm build space.
    We scaled down most of the parts by 0.75 any part that had bearings needed to be
    scaled by 0.80. We used 626 bearings. The only parts that really needed any redesign
    were parts with motors. We are more than happy to share our files
    if anyone is interested. We will have a BOM in the near future.

    Attached is a picture of the bot. …..Mark

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    Nice! Although I can’t figure out how you drew that vase with the pen. 🙂

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    this week we are pen plotting (as a way to validate g-code created by students). Last week we were filament printing. Nice catch! ….M

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    Must be one of those new fancy 3d printer pens!

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    I love it! Looking forward to you sharing the files.

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    Attaching one of those doodle pens would be really funny. I guess you can’t control the extrusion though, so it would probably be a mess.

    In the latest MAKE magazine, someone doodled a full size car (just the outer shell, but still…)

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    THIS is what i am looking for as i will use the machine for small wodden boxes and some 3d printing. i would LOVE the files sir~

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    after an email conversation with the Vicious team, I will be posting the
    files on thingiverse (likely over the weekend). ….M

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    I have put up files and a BOM on Thingiverse.

    Mini-MPCNC (1/2 EMT Variant)


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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