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Thomas M

I was having some issues with the roller F clamp assembly as well. One issue I was having was my z-offset on my printer was a bit to low and I was getting some stuff sticking out which I cleaning up with a have moon file. Another issue was that when I used the long shoulder bolts cracked the print. I tried weld repairing and crazy gluing.. It seems like my weld repair worked but my crazy glue split.. I wound up putting a tapered reamer down the holes with the shoulder bolts to clean things up a bit.

Another thing I did… I have access to a lathe with a 5c collect chuck. I machined a chamfer on the od of the tube and used a file to radius the chamfer. After that I think I buffed it smooth as well. This provide a nice pilot to get the shaft on the roller F clamp. (It’s really snug even without any screws for me) I think you try grinding a chamfer with a dremel. It would be good to were a good dusk mask.. I don’t think it’s as nasty as welding galvanized but still…