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Calipers and a force gauge! Now we’re talking. (suggestions on a decent/inexpensive force gauge?) … I need a force gauge to actually test deflection, Now I have an excuse to write it off on next years taxes…

If by “decent/inexpensive” you mean “decent or inexpensive”, well, I’ve got your solution. :v) I was using a $5 luggage scale from ebay like this. That is going to be a sweet, sweet tax write-off.

I love this, I know it is probably pissing you off but we can actually check things now.

I’m not so much pissed as feeling a combination of science-y and incompetent. :v)

I use drillman1 on ebay

I just bought three of these. Hoping for some like-butter cutting satisfaction.

I’ll post back later with some results of the other measurements you suggested.