Reply To: Jeffeb3's build



I have made a stand.

I used this video as a guide. (I really like this guy’s videos. He has a great series on this homemade table saw, which seems awesome, and crazy dangerous. He’s always doing something smart with very little equipment.)

I drew it up in sketchup first, which I ended up sharing in thingiverse:

I haven’t attached the front (well, I have it attached with clamps but not in the picture). I hope to use the MPCNC to carve something out of it, so that people will immediately understand what it’s for when they see it (and why not, when you’ve got a CNC?).

Joint close up:

I have two 3/4″ pieces of ply that are 3’x4′ for the top.

Really close now, I just have to glue the feet down, and I can at least cut something with me standing there.