Reply To: PCB Examples


Dave Gun

Here is my first milled PCB. This is my electronics project I moved aside when I started building my MPCNC. It only has a Pro Trinket and 3 devices so the hook up isn’t too complicated. But I need at least 5, maybe more of these. I haven’t found any PCB milling software with an easy learning curve, so I just made a 3D model, generated the G Code in Estlcam, then cut it.

It took 3 attempts. I milled a pocket in pink foam board, then put the circuit board in the pocket. I gave this 2 tries, but I wasn’t satisfied with it so my last try I made a pocket in MDF. The MDF worked best. It’s a 2 sided circuit board, so I did it in 5 cuts. Drill, engrave, pocket, (flip the board over) engrave, and pocket.

I tested it with an ohm meter, and it checked out. I will need to clean this up and cut it out next.