Reply To: PCB Examples


Aze Aze

I didn’t try anything actually, but it seems that the best solution to make PCB is to use all the stuff from the Cyclone PCB Factory:
You can use GRBL for RAMPS (or at least GRBL for Cyclone: ),
then you can use bCNC (free, autolevel, gerber files, milling, etc…)

With GRBL for Ramps, you can still use Estlcam (and I think in a better way: you don’t need Repetier Host anymore and you can use autolevel, etc).

All the stuff of the Cyclone is as well documented as the MPCNC. Perfect for newbie.

I’m not an expert and I didn’t try all this stuff (still trying to find where is the 0.5mm slop I have on my MPCNC or trying to build a stronger CNC in mdf). But I don’t see any reason it won’t work with GRBL in your Ramps, it looks like better than Marlin if you don’t need to print in 3D.