Reply To: Jeffeb3's build



I glued the feet down. I 3D printed a little pattern that helped me mark out the locations of the holes under the feet, and I’m going to just keep them all the way down for a while.

Here’s what I did to layout and install the feet.

1) I made a really square piece of plywood be the base. This thing is very square because it’s the original 4’x8′ sheet on three sides, and a carefully cut fourth side.
2) I made sure the parallel sides were the same length.
3) I made a little block of wood which is as wide as the extra size of the table top. So in the X direction, the sheet is 48″ and the printer is 47.07″ The gap is 0.93″, so that’s the size of the X block. The Y block was 0.838″. I’m using these blocks to make the feet be able to be referenced from the edge of the plywood.
– I want all my extra space on one side, instead of centering the machine. I want that because I want to run cables, and mount stuff on the front and left and I want as much room as possible.
4) I use the blocks and the foot pattern to make the screw holes for the feet. So on one corner, the pattern was right up against the corner, and on the far corner it had one x block and one y block, the other corners had either an x or a y block. I hope this is making sense.
5) I screwed down the pattern
6) I penciled in the hole
7) I used a 7/8″ forstner bit to cut a hole so the edge of the hole farthest from the screw holes was aligned with the pencil mark. Making it off center like that made the feet more snug.
8) I installed the feet.

After that, I was trusting that my feet were going to be square, and I finally glued my feet onto the MPCNC, aligning them with the holes for the pipe and screws. This is an image of me measuring square. It’s not perfect but 1/8″ over 5 feet is pretty good, I hope. I also glued the feet a little bit off to try to make a small difference towards square.

Overall, the feet gave me the most heartburn. They feel solid now that they are completely sunk into holes in 1/5″ of plywood though. I was feeling confident, and I will be ready to make some dust as soon as I figure out this Z Nut Lock problem.