Reply To: Unlocked Z Nut Lock



Thanks. I am printing one of the 11mm ones. I looked at the STLs and the one without 11mm in the name has a bigger hole, so that would explain it.

Considering everything else I’ve printed holds the parts without the set screws doing anything, I think I must have misconfigured it.

I think I can get to it without taking everything in the Z apart. Specifically, the pipes going into the Z motor mount and the tool holder are the hardest parts, and I think I can turn the threaded rod enough to get to the two Phillips screws, and then I can lift the whole thing out of the bearings. I’ll let you know how that goes. I should have some time tonight or tomorrow night to try it.

Let’s just hope your solution doesn’t end up becoming temporary after doing one of these 🙂 :

Z rod nut holder assembly. PLUS CRASH VIDEO 🙂