Reply To: Jeffeb3's build



That was actually all yesterday. Today, I dug deeper into my Z axis problem(s).

Some things I’ve found out:
– When it fails, it doesn’t come back even after a power cycle.
– It has come back eventually, several times.
– If I swap the X and Z cables, at the RAMPS board (with the power disconnect, obviously), then the Z motors will still move, but the X axis won’t.
– I swapped out the Mega with one I had on hand, and it does the same thing.
– I swapped the Y and Z drv8825 boards, adjusted both voltages again, and it does the same thing.
– I installed bleeding edge Marlin and repetier software, and both of them do the same thing.
– I’ve seen the failure with the above pattern, which should be 3mm/s z rate. I’ve seen the failure with the Vzmax set to 5mm/s. The Vzmaz has never been above 8.5mm/s

The only part I haven’t swapped is the RAMPS board…