Reply To: Jeffeb3's build



The X, Y are set at 0.7V, (1.4A) and the Z is at 0.43V (0.86A). I have gotten the Y axis to move around a bit with the 0.43V setting. It will skip steps though. So I think that’s still a decent test.

If your point is that my quick testing is maybe causing more problems that are muddling this issue, I think you are right. I’ve got a different arduino, different software, and a different configuration of the drivers. Any one of those things might be causing a problem right now. My wife is going to be watching the kid tonight, and I’m going to spend as much time as I can trying to get this thing to work again.

After tonight, I’ll admit defeat, and start shopping for another board. I don’t think I want to continue with the RAMPS/mega combo, though. I might try something like this instead: or one without the builtin 8825s. Then there’s always the RAMPS FD. Or maybe the CNC shield or the CNC shield for the raspberry pi.