Reply To: Unlocked Z Nut Lock



That’s a tough one. Depends on how much free time and printer time I can squeeze in.

I’m happy with the X and Y part of it, I hope to work on the Z nut lock tomorrow. Then there is the Z motor mount, and the tool mount to do, then a few tool holders. It could be a while. I am picking up momentum so don’t hold me to it but maybe 2 weeks? I need to print and run it to make sure it is actually better.

I will put it up in the forums first, hopefully a few of you brave souls will give it a go, then release it to thingiverse, then update the assembly directions.

I have new corner blocks done as well. Just need to make some better feet to go with the new corner assembly.

Haven’t started the rollers yet but I will release them before that.

All in all, hopefully a little more rigid, print a little better/faster, 3 sizes (or more 23.5mm, 25mm, 25.4mm).