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So, I’m planing to build MPCNC v1 for a while now (just bought the router…).

My advice is to keep it simple (easier said than done, I know).

As for the tubing (and etc) size, while it may need a different approach, my advice is to make it parametric from the start. This should accommodate for most of the possibilities: bigger tubing; larger routers; big bearings; etc.

As for my ongoing plans, my questions are: will it still be “mostly printed” and open source and is there an ETA on due date for release?

For the name, and if it will be still mostly printed, just stick to the name (MPCNC2) to take profit of all the marketing/publicity already out there (google is your best friend on this)! Otherwise name it “Vicious CNC” (you can also make a pool somewhere on the forum, to help you choose, when you get some more names).