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-In case you didn’t catch it in the other thread I ended up putting this in.-

Okay the center is just about done. Printing the revised black pieces now, then I’ll put up some complete pics.

So far it’s looking like
+More rigid? bearings 10/30mm further horizontal, 20mm further each side z axis, without dramatically increasing foot print 5mm wider, 8mm shorter.
+Print time is 19 hrs vs 32hrs!!!!!!
+Hopefully a more square assembly to help with the troubles people were having.
+Easier assembly, less parts, less unique parts.
+no support needed (got rid of the better mid Z, made a better-er mid Z)
+more room for add on tools.
+moved the Z screw to be able to get the tools in closer = more rigid (shorter lever arm)

++Z-nut lock!!!!! Way easier to use when assembled, easy to take off, easily adapted to different sized nuts. Raised it up, shorter lead screw further from the dirt.
+added a hard stop on the bottom, no more falling tools. I had the forces wrong in the original.
+ not going to start with the anti-backlash, can add it back in if it makes a difference, I have been running without them and things seem fine.

++ Ready for multiple conduit/rails sizes 23.5mm, 25mm, 25.4mm (I hope)

I think I will start a new thread for revised parts. I think this thread should be for Version 2 ideas.