Reply To: Jeffeb3's build



OK, I think I have this thing kicked, but I’m short of parts now. I’m currently sitting in my garage listening for any motor skips. This is what I think happened:

1) I had too tight a setup. The two big problems I had were:
– The anti-backlash nut was way too tight.
– Not enough/not grease. I’m not sure if it came with grease from the kit, or not, but after adding some, it’s a lot smoother.
2) The driver went from working fine to overheating, without skipping any steps. I’m not sure why that is, maybe it’s normal, maybe there isn’t good conduction between the chip and the heatsink. No way to tell now, it’s dead.

Then, through my _sarcasm_ expert _/sarcasm_ debugging skills, I went ahead and toasted one arduino, and the questionable driver. I also think the second arduino I used had some other problem with it. I found it in my parts bin, and I think 1/3 of the pins don’t work, somehow.

I am playing a gcode file through it, but I have the Y driver in the Z spot, I have the Vref set at 4.7V, and I have the max Z speed set to 3mm/s and max Z accel set to 55 mm/s/s. So far, I haven’t heard any skips, and it’s 45 minutes in. So… I’m hopeful I can get to cutting as soon as I get a replacement driver. I went and bought one at Microcenter, but they are $13! and they are the A4988. I just can’t bring myself to open it when I can get them 3-5x cheaper. Plus, it doesn’t have a heatsink.

I also have all new terminations (duport crimps, with waxed string holding them together) which should last a long time. In the time I’ve been sitting and watching it move up and down I have mostly installed the cable chain, and I’m working on wire management (It’s hard when it’s currently connected).

I also have a case for the screen, which is a remix of some on TV. I have to fix the STLs before I post them.

I need to find a place to mount it, and the ramps board (which survived all the shorts, magic smoke, etc of this process).

I am reprinting the motor mounts without the solderless thing, and in PETG. This new material can be pretty fickle, but I think I have it dialed in.

I'll use the one on the right