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Update: Apparently Dewalt really just wants you to buy a new bottom block when you have to replace that bottom bearing. They even price the bottom part of the tool at $9.xx where the bearing is $8.xx and the bottom part of the tool comes with the bearing pressed into it already. It really is a no brainer to just replace that whole bottom part if your bearing goes out on your DW660. I’ve ordered it to repair my DW660 which I will use as a backup – I went ahead and switched to a DWP611 for primary use. I definitely like variable speed built INTO the tool better than the speed controller I had externally trying to control the DW660 before. Downside is having to wait until I get my 1/8 inch collet delivered to really get back to what I was doing – they include a 1/8 with the DW660 but not with the more expensive DWP611.