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Cool. Thanks! For the cable chain, did you simply mirror the object in the slicer program? I’ve got about 3 feet printed so far. I thought it just needed to be in one direction though. But yeah.. I’ll print some kind of box for the RAMPS and LCD eventually. As for the 3D printing aspect of the MFPCNC. The 2×4 blocks I have on there currently are just temporary until I get around to cutting some more conduit. but as for a level bed for the 3d printing, I’m not sure how I’m going to tackle this yet. With all of the different functions I want to do with this machine I’m trying to understand what kind of firmware modifications I’ll have to make to be able to use a laser, extruder, etc. But as for the bed, I may implement a servo to perform an auto bed level routine.. Not sure yet……