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So, I’ve been thinking about the middle Z and came-up with an ‘idea’ about stiffening and (hopefully) making it simpler at the same time. Right now it is just a sketch (for proof of concept) – as you may notice my CAD skills are limited :). I could draw this but, something that would take me days to design and get right, you can make it in just some hours. This ‘idea’ can be setup with 2 or 3 Z configurations (I guess/estimate) and – in the simpler configuration – use just 2 (!) singular designed parts (mirrored, printed) + the fixation board.

As i said this is just a sketch so you can get/assess the idea.

The red parts are plastic (printed), the board is wood and the rods/tubes are metal. The tube colors (blue/green are 2 different configurations – still, you could combine 2 blue and the back green tube for 3 rods instead of just 2). the wood part should be easy to drill even without a CNC (with a CNC already running it would be even easier). IF you end up using this idea, even if it is on a very early stage, some sort of acknowledgement would be nice… If you don’t like it, I will post this on thingiverse so someone can develop it if they want to (I may do this at any time)…